"Each of my pieces is a dance between the painting and I and I enjoy the process of starting with one idea and then seeing how it takes on a life all of its own."

Clarisa is a self-taught British artist based in London, born to a Chilean mother and British father, she grew up in Amsterdam and moved to Chile at the age of 19.

She is a former professional Irish Dancer/Teacher and Choreographer who directed one of the largest Irish Dance Schools in South America and toured both nationally and internationally with several groups and bands.

Clarisa started painting in 2017 upon moving back to the UK and while recovering from a dance injury.

She has exhibited at several contemporary Art Fairs and private exhibitions and her paintings are in private collections in Europe and the US.

Clarisa is represented by The Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham, UK.


In 2017, after moving back from Santiago to London, I had to take a break from my dancing activities.

After so many years of having been involved in the production of my shows, choreographies and costume and stage design I was longing for creativity, it was then that I started choreographing again, but this time with my hands.

Due to my mixed heritage and background as a professional Irish Dancer, the British Isles, Celtic world and the art of Chile's indigenous people have been key sources of inspiration, specially in regard to colours, aged patinas, textures and marks.

All these cultures share a curious similarity, standing stones - dolmens, moais and menhirs-, carvings, rupestrian painting, tattoos/body art, colours and textures.

Most of these elements are always present in my work, in one way or another.

My artwork is abstract and intuitive, constructed of many layers which are often scraped and paint is reapplied again in order to create an aged and distressed patina, textures and marks.

I also love working with a neutral and muted palette but my creations will always depend on the colours and shapes that inspire me in that specific moment and created using traditional and non-traditional mixed media techniques and materials such as acrylics, collage, markmaking, inks, graphite, oil pastels and pens on canvas, paper or wood panels.

Each of my pieces is a dance between the painting and I and I enjoy the process of starting with one idea and then seeing how it t takes on a life all of its own.